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‘Equally in your own home in water or on land, the Newfoundland was massive ample to pull within a drowning gentleman or to break the ice to retrieve him.’

‘So it really should arrive as no shock that, 5 minutes into lunch, a giant tangle of grilled onions landed correct in my lap.’

three. Informal To reach in an area or ailment: landed within the theater too late with the opening curtain; landed in difficulties for staying late.

‘Every one was Component of a lunar landing mission during which two American astronauts landed a spacecraft to the area of the Moon.’

‘She and Kevin were in the land of the dwelling, and it absolutely was so Excellent to come to feel the rumble of life once again.’

demesne, area, land - territory around which rule or Management is exercised; "his area extended into Europe"; "he made it the regulation with the land"

‘The fishponds there have been typically compact and sited on marginal lands unusable for agriculture.’

Land, from time to time called dry land, would be the stable surface area of Earth that isn't completely included by h2o.[1] The overwhelming majority of human action all through historical past has happened in land spots that help agriculture, habitat, and many purely natural means.

‘Because it makes use of a reverse electroplating system, there isn't any abrasive motion from bore scouring brushes and no likelihood of scratching the lands and grooves.’

‘The operate allows boats and barges to land cargo in bad land climate as the planned internet site is sheltered through the reef.’

‘Would you strictly say no or if the correct television products ended up to land on your own desk, would you need to do sitcoms once more?’

^ The image on sale the universe in Talmudic texts has the Earth in the middle of development with heaven as a hemisphere unfold above it. Biblical writings, including the Genesis creation story and the various Psalms that extol the firmament, wedding The celebrities, the Sunlight, along with the earth, give equivalent explanations. The Hebrews observed the earth being an Pretty much flat surface area consisting of a strong as well as a liquid part and also the sky given that the realm of light through which heavenly bodies shift. The earth rested on cornerstones and will not be moved besides by Jehovah (as in an earthquake). In accordance sale with the Hebrews, the Sunshine and the moon were being only a brief length from each other. "Cosmology." Encyclopedia Americana.

‘In employing them, we do the job outside the house the realm of appropriate and Erroneous, vehicle and throughout the land of bring about and impact.’

‘It claimed the rocket was fired shortly following sunset and landed with a farm land virtually 300 meters short of the embassy setting up.’

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